Electrical Rewiring

A job that seems daunting to most!

Dangerous Wiring

Dangerous Wiring

Like most things, electrical cabling gets old and worn over time and will eventually need replacing. Whilst this is most common in older houses even new homes can be home to worn electrical cabling, which is a potential fire hazard.

Your electrical system should be periodically checked by a qualified electrician, such as our own Castle Graig Electrical engineers, to ensure your system is safe and meets all current electrical safety legislation.

If you have moved into an older property one of the first and arguably most important tasks you should do is get your electrical system thoroughly tested.  Electrical cabling should be checked and replaced if it has degraded.

But don’t panic! Electrical rewires and electrical refurbishment can be done with a minimum of interference. Our fully qualified electricians take care to ensure the minimum of interference whilst giving you total piece of mind. After all, it is better to replace worn electrical cabling before it has a chance to cause a fire.

There are other benefits to upgrading your house wiring and consumer unit (fuse board). It can also add value to your home as potential buyers can be informed about the recent work to ensure safe electrics.


How Do You Rewire a House?

Castle Graig Electrical engineers have a wealth of experience in rewiring homes, stripping out the old and potentially lethal electrical cabling and installing brand new cables. We remove and replace all dangerous wiring, all dangerous switches and sockets, and replace dangerous light fittings. We can even fit new light fittings you have bought to improve the ambience of your home at the same time!

Electrical Rewire Swansea

Electrical Rewire Swansea

Safety is our number one priority so we also check the gas and water earthing system and ensure it is safe. Occasionally, often in older homes, the consumer unit (fuse box) requires upgrading to handle the capacity of modern electrical appliances around the home. This sounds a daunting task but our experienced electricians can do this with the minimum of fuss and hassle. Regardless of whether this needs doing, we also check the Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) and Residual-Current Devices (RCDs) to ensure these are able to safely handle the capacity required by modern household appliances such as electric ovens, electric showers, domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners and home entertainment systems and much more.

Peace of Mind in your Electrics

Ensure peace of mind with our rewiring service. Like you, we simply want to ensure you have a safe and reliable electrical system. Unlike lesser electricians, we only carry out rewiring work that is necessary and will only carry out work with your consent. Our electricians are kind, helpful and knowledgeable and are more than happy to discuss your electrical system with you, helping you future proof your supply and helping you understand what work they are carrying out and why. They clean up after themselves and leave your home both safe and tidy.

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