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Extra Lights In House Swansea

Extra Lights In House Swansea

Many older properties, unless it’s been rewired in the past and some newer homes, are typically short of plug sockets. Older homes often have a couple of single plug sockets dotted around but not enough to run today’s modern power hungry devices such as televisions, Sky boxes, radios, DVD players, Blu Ray players, surround sound speakers, iPods, mobile phone chargers, etc.



Extension bars are a short term solution but can be dangerous if overloaded. They can potentially prove to be a fire hazard.

Even new homes are susceptible to problems. Plug socket and lighting locations are often poorly considered during the construction phase so as a home owner you may find you don’t have enough plug sockets or you have dark areas even with the lights on. It’s perhaps not something you would consider when buying a new build until you move in and start living with the electrical system. It’s only then you can appreciate whether there are enough sockets and if the lights are correctly positioned.

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Extra Sockets In House Swansea

Extra Sockets In House Swansea

If you need extra lights, switches or sockets or would like to change, add or modify to your existing electrical system installation, then Castle Graig Electrical Services can help.

Whether you are looking to add more sockets to your living room, kitchen or bedrooms, or whether you are looking to add more light fittings or replace existing light fittings but are unsure what to do to ensure a safe supply, simply let Castle Graig Electrical Services take care of it all for you.

Our professionally trained and fully qualified electricians are experts at tailoring the electrical system in your home or workplace to suit your requirements.

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Castle Graig Electrical Services can discuss your requirements and options with you. Our friendly qualified electricians can take you from room to room and discuss your current needs and future plans for the rooms. Together we can deliver an electrical system that works for you.

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Extra Lights, Switches and Sockets

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